We don’t believe in words but we believe in actions. We don’t compromise with the studies of the students at any cost. We stress here on communication skills. We motivate and inspire our students to converse in national and international languages so that they should not face any language problem at the later stage. Our focus remains on the basic skills of a language i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Good handwriting is having its own advantage generally what the people do to improve the handwriting; they assign a page every day and tell them to write beautifully. We don’t tell the students to write beautifully. We started with the shape of the letters. When the shape of the letters will be proper, handwriting will automatically improve. Because when we take care of small things, big things will automatically improve.
We don’t believe in the policy of escapism. We accept the challenges and take the responsibilities. Our students complete their home work during the Day-Boarding under the guidance of subject teachers.